\ 2022

  • Mostra: A Flexible Balancing Framework to Trade-off User, Artist and Platform Objectives for Music Sequencing
    E. Bugliarello, R. Mehrotra, J. Kirk, M. Lalmas
    In WWW

\ 2021

  • On Language Models for Creoles
    H. Lent, E. Bugliarello, M. de Lhoneux, C. Qiu, A. Søgaard
    In CoNLL
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  • Visually Grounded Reasoning across Languages and Cultures
    F. Liu*, E. Bugliarello*, EM. Ponti, S. Reddy, N. Collier, D. Elliott
    In EMNLP Best Long Paper Award
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  • Vision-and-Language or Vision-for-Language? On Cross-Modal Influence in Multimodal Transformers
    S. Frank*, E. Bugliarello*, D. Elliott
    In EMNLP
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  • Multimodal Pretraining Unmasked: A Meta-Analysis and a Unified Framework of Vision-and-Language BERTs
    E. Bugliarello, R. Cotterell, N. Okazaki, D. Elliott
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  • The Role of Syntactic Planning in Compositional Image Captioning
    E. Bugliarello, D. Elliott
    In EACL
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\ 2020

  • It's Easier to Translate out of English than into it: Measuring Neural Translation Difficulty by Cross-Mutual Information
    E. Bugliarello, SJ. Mielke, A. Anastasopoulos, R. Cotterell, N. Okazaki
    In ACL
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  • Enhancing Machine Translation with Dependency-Aware Self-Attention
    E. Bugliarello, N. Okazaki
    In ACL
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\ 2019

  • Matrix Completion in the Unit Hypercube via Structured Matrix Factorization
    E. Bugliarello, S. Jain, V. Rakesh
    In IJCAI
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