\ 2023

  • On Multimodal Representations Learned at Scale
    E. Bugliarello
    Ph.D. Thesis
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  • On the Interplay between Fairness and Explainability
    S. Brandl, E. Bugliarello, I. Chalkidis
    arXiv preprint
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  • Weakly-Supervised Learning of Visual Relations in Multimodal Pretraining
    E. Bugliarello, A. Nematzadeh, LA. Hendricks
    In EMNLP
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  • Evaluating Bias and Fairness in Gender-Neutral Pretrained Vision-and-Language Models
    L. Cabello, E. Bugliarello, S. Brandl, D. Elliott
    In EMNLP
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  • Visual Prediction Improves Zero-Shot Cross-Modal Machine Translation
    T. Hirasawa, E. Bugliarello, D. Elliott, M. Komachi
    In WMT
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  • StoryBench: A Multifaceted Benchmark for Continuous Story Visualization
    E. Bugliarello, H. Moraldo, R. Villegas, M. Babaeizadeh, M. Taghi Saffar, H. Zhang, D. Erhan, V. Ferrari, PJ. Kindermans, P. Voigtlaender
    In NeurIPS D&B
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  • Measuring Progress in Fine-grained Vision-and-Language Understanding
    E. Bugliarello, L. Sartran, A. Agrawal, LA. Hendricks, A. Nematzadeh
    In ACL
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  • Language Modelling with Pixels
    P. Rust, JF. Lotz, E. Bugliarello, E. Salesky, M. de Lhoneux, D. Elliott
    In ICLR Notable Top 5%
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  • Reassessing Evaluation Practices in Visual Question Answering: A Case Study on Out-of-Distribution Generalization
    A. Agrawal*, I. Kajić*, E. Bugliarello*, E. Davoodi, A. Gergely, P. Blunsom, A. Nematzadeh*
    In EACL-Findings
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\ 2022

  • Multilingual Multimodal Learning with Machine Translated Text
    C. Qiu, D. Oneata, E. Bugliarello, S. Frank, D. Elliott
    In EMNLP-Findings
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  • IGLUE: A Benchmark for Transfer Learning across Modalities, Tasks, and Languages
    E. Bugliarello, F. Liu, J. Pfeiffer, S. Reddy, D. Elliott, EM. Ponti, I. Vulić
    In ICML
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  • Challenges and Strategies in Cross-Cultural NLP
    D. Hershcovich, S. Frank, H. Lent, M. de Lhoneux, M. Abdou, S. Brandl, E. Bugliarello, LC. Piqueras, I. Chalkidis, R. Cui, C. Fierro, K. Margatina, P. Rust, A. Søgaard
    In ACL
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  • Ancestor-to-Creole Transfer is Not a Walk in the Park
    H. Lent, E. Bugliarello, A. Søgaard
    In Insights Workshop at ACL
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  • Mostra: A Flexible Balancing Framework to Trade-off User, Artist and Platform Objectives for Music Sequencing
    E. Bugliarello, R. Mehrotra, J. Kirk, M. Lalmas
    In WWW
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\ 2021

  • On Language Models for Creoles
    H. Lent, E. Bugliarello, M. de Lhoneux, C. Qiu, A. Søgaard
    In CoNLL
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  • Visually Grounded Reasoning across Languages and Cultures
    F. Liu*, E. Bugliarello*, EM. Ponti, S. Reddy, N. Collier, D. Elliott
    In EMNLP Best Long Paper Award
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  • Vision-and-Language or Vision-for-Language? On Cross-Modal Influence in Multimodal Transformers
    S. Frank*, E. Bugliarello*, D. Elliott
    In EMNLP
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  • Multimodal Pretraining Unmasked: A Meta-Analysis and a Unified Framework of Vision-and-Language BERTs
    E. Bugliarello, R. Cotterell, N. Okazaki, D. Elliott
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  • The Role of Syntactic Planning in Compositional Image Captioning
    E. Bugliarello, D. Elliott
    In EACL
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\ 2020

  • It's Easier to Translate out of English than into it: Measuring Neural Translation Difficulty by Cross-Mutual Information
    E. Bugliarello, SJ. Mielke, A. Anastasopoulos, R. Cotterell, N. Okazaki
    In ACL
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  • Enhancing Machine Translation with Dependency-Aware Self-Attention
    E. Bugliarello, N. Okazaki
    In ACL
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\ 2019

  • Matrix Completion in the Unit Hypercube via Structured Matrix Factorization
    E. Bugliarello, S. Jain, V. Rakesh
    In IJCAI
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